2023 Annual Report

The Melrose Creative Alliance has published their 2023 Annual Report, marking our  achievements and outlining a set of priority initiatives for 2024.

We met monthly as a team to distill community input into an actionable set of priorities and initiatives representing the shared voices and vision of over 85 creative Melrose producers and consumers. 

Highlights in 2023 include:

  • Continued our work with the City of Melrose to advance an application for a State designated Arts & Cultural District,
  • 616 arts and cultural events posted to our online arts calendar and 18 e-newsletters sent to 1237 subscribers, 
  • Worked with community partners to host several events, including a second annual Arts Summit, a Mayoral Forum on Arts & Culture, and Creative Connect social networking events to help foster collaborations and build resources for the arts community.

In 2024, we will continue our work to improve public information and outreach, to make it easier for audiences to find creative offerings and support artists. We will also continue to support the City of Melrose’s efforts to establish a Cultural District. And we will host another series of events, including a third annual Summit in partnership with the Melrose Chamber of Commerce. 

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