Melrose is home to hundreds of arts and cultural assets that comprise our local economy, enrich our quality of life, and contribute to our sense of place. Cultivating opportunities for these assets to thrive, access funding, secure space, and reach audiences is an ever-present challenge. It can also be challenging for residents and visitors to learn how to engage in all we have to offer. COVID-19 increased demand for safe gathering spaces. And our community is committed to diversity, equity, access, and inclusion in our arts and cultural offerings.

In March 2022, recognizing a need for a creative sector wellness check as Melrose emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic, a group of creative volunteers organized and hosted a first-of-its-kind Melrose Arts Summit* at Temple Beth Shalom. 

The half day workshop explored two key questions: 

What is our collective vision for a vibrant, diverse, and sustainable arts and cultural sector? and How can we work together to get there?

This dedicated volunteer group distilled the shared voices and vision of over 80 creative Melrose producers and consumers into an actionable set of priorities and initiatives. The Melrose Creative Alliance is now an official nonprofit operating under the Community Coalition of Melrose.

The Melrose Arts Summit was supported by the Melrose Cultural Council, Melrose Messina Fund for the Arts, and the Rotary Club of Melrose.

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