Space rental & membership info at Paper & Clay

Creative Space Rental – $60/hour for 1000 square foot room for events, workshops, classes and rehearsals. Amenities, wifi, ceiling fans, restroom, utility sink, use of tables and folding chairs, (if requested publication of event on our website and social pages to help promote). 
Creative Space Rental – $7/ day drop in rate to spread out with a project during store hours when no other events are happening. 
Co-op Membership – $100/month and 25% commission on sales. Use our retail space as your fully staffed store front to share your artisan goods (you may bring as much merchandise as you would like and restock/ change out items as you please. Includes discounted use of creative space, general liability insurance, credit card fees, packaging, shipping for e-commerce sales and marketing. Please note we do not buy products wholesale. Retail space is for co-op members only:

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